みなさん, こんにちわ ~ !

Today happens to be my 1 year anniversary of hosting this blog~ Though I haven’t maintained it properly that entire time, I am still very happy for this moment (๑>ᴗ<๑) My goals for this blog are to continue updating and using it as a place to share my idol progress as well as my hopes, dreams, and inspirations ~ ! I hope you will continue to enjoy it!! Thank you so much to all of those who read and encourage me! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Happy Anniversary~!

The past week has been very exciting! I am really getting into dancing with Mahou and I am growing more and more excited to debut at Anime Detour next month! We practiced so much last weekend and then Misa and I treated ourselves to a trip to the arcade where we burned even more calories playing Pump It Up! I am hoping to slim down my figure a bit still, so I am working hard to keep my diet steady and exercise a lot! Dancing is certainly helping!!
This week I also debuted my first song in Japanese on my Mahou Facebook page!

I am still a little shy about it, but I have received positive feedback and am really pumped to start expanding on my Japanese and learn some more complex songs! When we hung out with Teya Berri, from our rival group Berri Team, she was a big inspiration to me. Not only is she super cute and sweet, but her Japanese singing is amazing and her dancing is too! I aspire to be on her level soon!! That is my biggest aidoru goal!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

This coming weekend we are having a sew-a-thon to make our custom uniforms for our show at Detour (which we have named Hanamatsuri, or Flower Festival). It is Spring themed, so we are making spring semester school uniforms that are sakura inspired, designed by Misachan herself! I can’t really sew or do much to that extent… but I will help the girls iron their fabric and provide motivational support!!  ♡ I am super excited for it ~ !

Let’s look forward to the weekend together ~ ☆

Thank you for reading~


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