Hello Again~!

Mahou Showtime!!

みなさん, こんにちわ ~ ! ! !

I completely forgot about this blog as my life became so hectic around the time I started running it!! ( ;´Д`)すみません! A lot has changed in my life since my last post! My boyfriend and I packed up our apartment in Minneapolis and moved to a brand new place in St. Anthony, MN. It is a very nice area and I am extremely happy to have the privilege of living here!! I am currently looking for a new job closer to our new place and in my spare time I have become a full time cat mom ^///^ We adopted a new kitten to add to our family. Her name is Rhubarb! She and Gus have grown to tolerate each other, though she does like to exert her dominance despite how tiny she is
(;¬д¬) I am so happy with our little family and am very comfortable in our new home~

Rhubarb and GusGus

I am also growing very close with my friends lately! I am so happy I have had more time to spend with them, and now that I live a bit closer, it is much easier to see them! I was actually recently made a member of Mahou Showtime, an aspiring Idol Group made up of 3 other girls. I am so excited to start singing, dancing, and spending time with them more often! My stage name is Tamako and I would love for you to check out the Facebook page for Mahou as well as my personal Mahou page!

I am going to try my best to update this blog more often with my inspirations as far as fashion, aidoru, and other interests go and I hope you will continue to enjoy it!!

Thanks for reading, more to come soon!



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