Mall Haul

みなさん、こんばんは ~

I am very sorry for not posting in a few days! I have been very busy with work on top of having a very bad chest cold ヽ(#`Д´)ノ I did end up going shopping on Monday afternoon, despite the beginnings of my cold, though~ So I do have some poor quality photos of what I bought to share with you lovelies! ^///^

I went to Rosedale Mall in Rosedale MN. It is a fairly large mall with some great stores, including one of my favorite Japanese import stores – Tomodachi! They have a ton of Sanrio merch as well as anime figures, art toys, and accessories including Tokidoki brand! Of course, I had to stop there first and pick up some little treats!


So here was my loot from Tomodachi – I got two anime figures: One being series 6 of the Gundam Seed Destiny Girls set and the other being Half Age series figures from Persona 4! I have a small collection of anime figures that I pose on my window sill so I had to pick these up ~ And the little purple guy is a mustachioed Smorkin’ Labbit, I have loved these little guys since I was younger!


From the Gundam set, I got a very cute figure of Meer Campbell and from the Persona set I got cute little Nanako! Very happy with these~

From there I went to one of my favorite stores, Charlotte Russe. I have always heard negatives about this store, but from my personal experience the only negative has been that a lot of the clothes are not very well made and can’t hold up in the wash (even though they say machine washable). I tend to buy mostly hand-washable items from here now after destroying a few of my favorite shirts that way. I have also always heard that their clothes tend to be a bit overpriced for their quality, which can be true I suppose. However, I almost exclusively shop in their clearance section or buy what is on sale so I rarely spend over $100 here.


Here is a kind of sad quality photo of the clothes I purchased. The dresses were buy one get one half price, so of course I had to jump on that… Everything else I got on clearance and only spent about $90~! My favorite piece I bought would have to be the super cute and extremely comfy striped skirt. Lately I have been really enjoying pairing yellow with black and white stripes (if you can’t tell from this photo, I love yellows~). I got a few tops that can be paired with this skirt as well as some other skirts I own~! I am also really excited about the lightweight long sleeved black top with the studded shoulders that I picked up, however when I got home I realized I don’t really have anything to wear it with except maybe some pale denim shorts… I will have to get creative with that one! I am sorry I didn’t take any pictures of myself in these outfits, but I have not been looking my best lately due to my cold and I didn’t want to scare anyone! ಥ⌣ಥ


I also picked up some new shoes that I was really excited about. They are wedge heels but you can’t even tell~! I am already pretty tall, about 5’6″, and I have never really liked traditional heels, but these booties are a nice mix of urban and class which just screamed my name~ I broke these in at work the other day and my feet started hurting near the end of the day, but not too bad for a new pair!

To top off a lovely day of shopping, I got some yummy sushi at Sarku Japan and a honeydew bubble tea at Fruiti Smoothies
“ヽ(´▽`)ノ” I would eat like this every day if I could ★

I hope you enjoy seeing my little haul from the mall~ I will have some reviews coming up soon, too, for some of my other purchases! I actually just received my new glasses from Coastal as I was typing this, so those will be up very soon! Keep your eyes peeled
Hopefully my cold clears up soon and I can have the energy to post more regularly. I am drinking lots of tea!

But for now, thank you for reading~!! あなたの一日をお楽しみください!


♥ Smutchy


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