Purchases ☆

みなさん、こんばんは ~ !

Since I have run in to a little extra cash just recently, I finally decided to make some purchases! First and foremost I bought my very first pair of circle lenses!! (ノ^ O ^)ノ~ * I am so excited! I know they will take a while to get here, but oh my gosh I can’t wait :’3 I ended up purchasing the Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green from Pinky Paradise.

I think they will look really nice with my current hair color as well as my blonde wig (and possible future wigs~ ^x^).

I have also had an addiction to browsing sheinside for hours on end lately but I’ve always been afraid to buy anything, assuming it won’t fit since I am tall and medium weight. I don’t know why that makes me nervous, it sounds silly when I say it out loud haha… BUT I finally overcame my fear and bought a long pullover cat face sweater!!
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I am super excited for that as well. It should be here much sooner than my lenses so I will do a little review post when I receive it! I also really want a dress from sheinside that I think I may buy before I got to bed tonight…

On another subject, I have made a lot of plans for this blog~! I will be making a “blogs and bloggers that inspire me” post soon and hopefully I will get to have an interview with one of my favorite fashion and beauty bloggers ヾ(* ´ ∇ `)ノ I am really pumped about my new bloggu~ I hope you lovelies are too!! Kekeke~

Anyway, that is all I have to say for right now!
Thank you for reading~


♥ Smutchy


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